Building the Global Investment Marketplace
We are a B2C introduction broker firm selling securities and cryptos to our clients. Our partners are IBM and Reuters but we are also looking for investors.
Our Partners
Working together withIBM_logo
The Way We Work
Fundastik is a global, independent investment marketplace based on IBM’s Hyperledger blockchain, currently seeking investors. We sell our marketplace as a whitelabel platform to banks and investment firms so they can use it to serve their own clientele.
Our Plans & Vision
We plan to start with crypto selection and portfolio building functions; then we will establish a U.S. broker-dealer firm to sell mutual funds through our marketplace. Investors will pay a 0.5-1% upfront fee in this B2C business model. We are looking for partners, so make sure to contact us!
More to Read
These documents are only the preliminary versions for the Blockchain Expo 2018.
Our Strategy and Project Plan


v1 Prototype


Agreements with Key Partners, VC investor & founding Fundastik as a company


Private Sale


Public Round


Development of Fundastik marketplace


Go Live


Go Live

  • 2016-2017IP patent + continuous app development + business concept + testing POC + team setup
  • Q2-Q3/2018Private Sale
  • Q1-Q3/2019Development of Fundastik marketplace
  • 2015v1 Prototype
  • Q1/2018Agreements with Key Partners, VC investor & founding Fundastik as a company
  • Q4/2018Public Round
  • Q4/2019Go Live

    Join us through the Fundastik ICO as we build the Global Investment Marketplace!