Global Investment Platform
We are building the Global Investment Platform in cooperation with IBM and Thomson Reuters as the chosen data provider.
Our Partners
Our chosen data provider/News feed/KYC Partner
Why choose Fundastik?
We help individual investors select the best investment products creating smart investment portfolio.

We are developing a disruptive, global, independent, online, self-service, visual investment marketplace for individual investors on Hyperledger together with IBM.


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Our Strategy and Project Plan


v1 Prototype


Agreements with Key Partners, VC investor & founding Fundastik as a company


Agreement with a global banking partner


Agreement with a global partner bank


Development of Fundastik marketplace


Go Live


Go Live

  • 2016-2017IP patent + continuous app development + business concept + testing POC + team setup
  • Q2-Q3/2018Fine-tuning the Business Model
  • Q1-Q3/2019Development of Fundastik Platform
  • 2015v1 Prototype
  • Q1/2018Agreements with Key Partners, VC investor & founding Fundastik as a company
  • Q4/2018Agreement with a global partner bank
  • Q4/2019Go Live
Our Team
123 years of banking experience IT + Legal + UX expertise
Our Advisors
ensure the project’s success

These documents are only the preliminary versions.

Frequently Questions

Fundastik will be a revolutionary disruptive, global, independent, online, self-service, visual investment platform for individual investors

There is a big gap between individual investors’ needs and what they get now from banks, brokerage firms and other investment service companies.
Nowadays, there is no end to trading platforms. But as it is, there is not one user-
friendly interface for investing our money for the longer term, even though it is a staggering 110 trillion-dollar a year market.
If we look at the largest market players’ platforms today, we find dry, boring and confusing websites with perplexing phrases and numbers.
Or should we trust an independent consultant? Yeah, independent… Says the 400 billion dollars they pick up annually in fees. Do you really think they don’t push the investments they get the most commission from?

Fundastik is based in the European Union and registered under Hungarian Law.

Founders are mainly banking experts with a collective 123 years of experience accompanied with compliance, governance, legal, UX/UI, software development, business development, data science, private banking, AI/BI experts.

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